Jamalco the toast of JB Rum South Central Confed


June 11, 2016
@Normal:Tashane Campbell (left) and Matthew Davis of Jamalco go after Maverley-Hughenden's Phillip Peddie in a recent National Premier League Football play-off game at Maverly. Jamalco won 1-0.


Jamalco FC were the toast of the awards ceremony at the recently concluded South Central Confederation Charleys JB Rum Super League.

Akeem Henry walked away with coveted most valuable player award while their striker Andrew Isaacs jointly claimed the top goal scorer award along with Craig Gayle of Dunbeholden.

As a reward for their successful 2016 campaign, Jamalco's Rayon Johnson claimed the top coach award. The top goalkeeper award went to David Jamieson of St Bess FC while the top midfielder was Loxley Thomas of Dunbeholden FC. Odain Edwards of Tru Juice FC took home the top defender award.

Meanwhile, president of the St. Catherine Football Association Peter Reid said the parish association would be supporting Jamalco FC as they take part in the National Premier League next season.

"Jamalco FC has made us proud in qualifying to the premiership and we are going to do everything in our power to ensure that they get the full support as they venture in the top league."

Reid hailed the contribution of title sponsors Charley's JB Rum who have injected new life into parish level football.

"This sponsorship by JB is the gas that we needed to make the engine run, we had all the parts but the gas was missing, with the gas in place now, football at the parish level will once again flourish, thanks to Charley's JB Rum," Reid said.

Charley's JB Rum brand manager Kevon Spence welcomed the kind remarks and explained that Charley's JB Rum is here to stay.

"It has been a tremendous Super League season and with this being the first year, we are expecting bigger and better things for the 2017 season," Spence said.

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