Police fire more tear gas in Marseille


June 11, 2016
England supporters take evasive action after French police fired tear gas at them in downtown Marseille, France, Friday, June 10.


Police fired tear gas at rowdy fans at Marseille's Old Port for the second straight day yesterday. The outburst of violence came despite heavy police presence a day before England play Russia at the European Championship in the Mediterranean port city's Stade Velodrome.

There were no immediate reports of injuries.

When the first round of tear gas cleared, hundreds of England fans remained in the area, singing and waving English flags as riot police stood nearby, watching closely.

When a car with flashing police lights drove by at one point in the evening, a fan threw a beer bottle at the vehicle.

Police later ran into the crowd and grabbed a man in a red England shirt, handcuffing him and leading him away.

Things calmed a bit after the man was taken away, but police soon fired more tear gas at the England fans.

About a block away, people sat on terraces outside restaurants eating. But after France's 2-1 victory over Romania in the tournament opener in Paris, tear gas drifted into restaurants close to the Old Port.

Shortly after the final whistle, hundreds of chanting England fans were surrounded by dozens of riot police near the port in the latest in a string of tense stand-offs.

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