Jamaicans take over Oslo


June 13, 2016
June Leider, a Jamaican living in Norway who was at the Bislett Stadium for the ExxonMobil Diamond League on Thursday.

OSLO, Norway:

They say anywhere on the globe you go, you can find a Jamaican and Oslo, Norway is no exception.

A group of 50 Jamaicans who now live in Norway turned out to watch Jamaican athletes in action at the International Association of Athletics Federations ExxonMobil Bislett Games Diamond League meet at the Bislett Stadium here on Thursday.

The group's leader, Paul Brown, told STAR Sports that he followed "love" to Norway more than 20 years ago and never looked back.

Another Jamaican, Serena Heier, has lived in Drobak, about 30 minutes from Oslo, for the last 12 years, after meeting a Norwegian man in the United Kingdom and marrying him later.

"It's pretty cool. It's like Jamaica, but with money," Heier said.

Brown said he last visited Jamaica 15 years ago.

One member of the group, who identified herself as 'June' said she called the Power 106 FM radio programme 'Tell Me Pastor' every night.

"I'm June. I'm the only caller from Norway. I call every night. The pastor is going to Ocho Rios today (yesterday)," she said, as if to give proof.

June Leider is also married to a Norwegian and said she lived there for 29 years. Her Jamaican-born children and Norwegian grandchildren were also at the stadium.

Meanwhile, Brown said Norwegian food takes some getting used to. However, he said he could get yams at the green grocer and making dumplings was easy.

"It's all potatoes and bread, they eat. Potatoes and bread for breakfast and supper," Brown said.

"When I'm cooking, I sneak a bit of Jamaican spice into," Heier pitched in.


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