Breese has high hopes for Lucas summer camp


July 12, 2016
Brian Breese

Brian Breese, who directs a George Headley Emerging Players Programme (GHEPP) for young cricketers aged 8- 14, is hoping the annual summer camp will serve as a ?blue-print for the resurrection of Jamaica?s and West Indies cricket.?

Breese says he remains confident of the potential of the Lucas Cricket Club-based two-week Summer Camp which the club will host next month and which will benefit a number of schools in eastern Kingston.

According to Breese, it could also serve as a feeder programme for future national and regional cricketers.

?It is our sincere belief that this programme provides a blue-print for the resurrection of Jamaica?s and, by extension, West Indies cricket and needs to be replicated throughout the country and the region,? Breese told STAR Sports.

The GHEPP had a closing exercise early last month (June 4) after 27 weekly sessions from its start in September last year, under the theme: ?A Return to Excellence.?

The participants were judged on their aptitude for and attitude towards the game, by the coaching staff.

Meanwhile, two GHEPP youngsters have been selected for the Jamaica team to participate in the regional Under-15 tournament and young batting star, Jordan Johnson of St Hugh?s Prep, was recently named to the reserve team at age 11.

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