Forbes finds his rhythm going into Rio -USE DL BANNER


July 15, 2016
file Damar Forbes


Damar Forbes believes he has finally nailed down a technique that will see him doing well at next month's Olympic Games.

The 25-year-old jumped 8.16m metres in winning at the recent National Senior Championships, equalling his best mark since 2013 when he had recorded a personal best of 8.25m.

Having been the first Jamaican since James Beckford to qualify for the Olympics in the men's long jump when he did so four years ago, Forbes believes that he can improve on what he did in that outing.

"I have never had a style per se; on the run way I have never had a comfortable position. This is the first year that I have actually found a rhythm within myself where I know if I continue doing this I know I am going to jump good," Forbes said.

"So I have got the rhythm of where I want to be, because before I didn't. It was all over the place, but right now I am in a good place.

"I have been consistent with the rhythm I have, as I have been going over eight metres almost every time I jump."

Forbes believes he will need to be in the 8.4m range to get among the medals in Rio and is optimistic that with the physical condition he is in at present that distance can be achieved.

"With my fitness level going up the distance will also go up, so I am just holding the faith that it will come when it needs to come," Forbes said.

"Practise been really good for the past couple of weeks. Heading into trials and after trials I have felt fairly good. Anything can happen on any given day, but with the physical condition I am at right now it is an up and up; it is a positive right now."

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