Team Jamaica retains CUT championship trophy


July 18, 2016

Jamaica emerged the winner of the Caribbean Union of Teachers championship with 516 points on the weekend.

Closest rival Barbados ended on 512 points, while St Kitts had 317, Antigua and Barbuda, 299, and hosts British Virgin Island, 266 points, rounding out the top five.

Jamaica finished with 45 medals, including 25 gold, nine silver and 11 bronze.

Barbados had 55 medals with 17 gold, 21 silver and 17 bronze. Antigua and Barbuda were third in the line-up with 20 medals.

divisional rankings

Joella Lloyd of Antigua with 27 points and Malachi Harris of Barbados with 25 points were declared champion girl and boy, respectively.

In the divisional rankings, Jamaica's Romoya Thompson, with 22 points was a winner in the under-nine category.

Chevauna Grant of Jamaica and Naomi London of St Lucia, both with individual scores of 18 points, were declared winners of the under-11 division.

Brianna Lyston of Jamaica with 18 points, in the under-13 division, was another top athlete.

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