Independence of Speed expected to be hot


August 05, 2016
File David Summerbell (left) and Doug Gore.

The Dover raceway in St Ann is to be the stage for electrifying racing this weekend at the JRDC Total Lubricant 'Independence of Speed' coming up on Sunday, August 7.

The battle for the driver's championship is expected to be intense at this the penultimate meet of the season, with the main protagonists all tuning up their machines in anticipation of fierce competition.

Perennial contender Doug Gore recently had the engine of his Audi TT DTM rebuilt, which enabled him to restore the estimated 80 horsepower he had lost through wear and tear. The rebuilt power bloc served him well recently in Trinidad, where he won all three races contested there.

Meanwhile, Gore's fierce rival David Summerbell, has reportedly installed a brand-new engine in his Evolution. Summerbell's former Total teammate Kyle Gregg now with Texaco, is also ensuring his readiness by flying in mechanics to tune his Radical RXC racing car that has made him more than a threat to the aforementioned big guns, in a race for the title that Gore said is too close to call.

Each driver won one race at the last race meet on Labour Day at the Jamwest Speedway in Westmoreland and the return 'home' promises to be just as thrilling.

"Kyle has made this a legitimate three-horse race," said Heath Causewell, vice-president of the Jamaica Race Drivers Club. "But, really, there are about six cars that are not that far from each other."

The Thundersport races, however, will make up only a portion of the Independence Day meet, that will feature 15 races which include three or four motorcycle races highlighting the outstanding Greg 'Tall Man' Cross, a Jamaican racing professionally overseas, and the likes of Jamaicas-based standouts Kyle Reynolds and Robert 'Seymour' McDonald.

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