Roaming Through Rio ----- That 'Uber' stubborn driver


August 08, 2016
Fan take selfies and pictures in front of the Olympic rings outside the Olympics Aquatic Stadium in the Olympic Village Rio De Janeiro. Ricardo Makyn/ Staff Photographer

I must say, my favourite part of Brazil so far has to be the people. I'm yet to meet someone who was rude to us.

Maybe it's the whole Olympics, and I'm pretty sure they aren't all saints here, but you can tell that although things aren't exactly golden here, the people of this country are genuinely pleasant.

They have been willing and helpful - well, except my Uber driver yesterday.

I mentioned a few days ago that we have been strongly encouraged to use Uber as opposed to regular taxis. I get the impression that is relevant advice for the tougher, grittier area where we spent our first five days or so here. But things seem a bit more 'above the law' here in Barra.

So I had an interview appointment brought forward and had to get from my hotel to the Olympic Village in less time than which I had budgeted.

Uber, at the time, seemed a better option than the bus - non-stop journey as opposed to the much slower bus.

The Uber arrived in a minute, but what should have been a five- to 10-minute journey amazingly lasted one hour and a few minutes ... and considerably more money!

If they had Uber's cash option here, he would have got some coins as his fare!

Uber drivers here tend to be disciples to Google Maps or whatever navigation service they use, not taking into consideration that many roads have been repurposed or closed and that their apps won't necessarily show the changes.

The stubborn bredda just wouldn't listen as I tried to give him directions.

The interview was eventually rescheduled, but I might have to take the steering wheel the next time I request an Uber here.

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