MoBay United present case for withdrawal from premier league - PLCA says they have received no word

August 29, 2016
Carvel Stewart
@Normal:Orville Powell


Montego Bay United president Orville Powell said they have presented their case for withdrawal of their membership from the Premier League Clubs Association (PLCA) to the Professional Football Association Jamaica (PFAJ.

MoBay United and the PLCA were at loggerheads for most of last season, which culminated in MoBay United almost boycotting the Premier League final, before turning up at the last minute in a light-hearted protest over concerns to the league's governing body.

Although MoBay went onto win the title, Powell later threatened to pull his club from the PLCA.

"It is on them to do what they are doing. We did our presentation and we are waiting them to do what they have to do and reply to us. This matter is in their hands now," he said.

However, PLCA vice chairman, Carvel Stewart, told STAR Sports that nothing has been communicated to them as they and they await official notification from the club on the matter.


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