Tuffy demands apology from Waterhouse

September 23, 2016
Jermaine 'Tuffy' Anderson

Jermaine 'Tuffy' Anderson, is back at Waterhouse Football Club and could be turning out for the Drewsland-based outfit very soon, the player revealed after rumours surfaced that he was back at the club.

However, the striker insists he needs an apology from the club before he laces up his boots for the club again.

"Yes (I am back with the team), but I was just waiting on a little apology, that is what I am waiting on. I just ask them to do that for the fans as it (alleged dismissal from the club) look a way. But is you (media) really do it, so sometimes you have to know what you write, because you are saying that they axed 'Tuffy' but the president said he didn't do that," he said.

"The president has reached out to deal with that, maybe it was a misunderstanding or a miscommunication, so sometimes you have put things behind. But, yes. I was hurt by the axing, they should know that I am a real 'firehouse' youth," he commented.

Don't deserve

"People were upset about the firing thing, some say Waterhouse don't deserve me wearing the shirt again but as long as I get that (apology) and the president has done that, I accept it and move on," he continued.
Anderson saved Waterhouse relegation last season, with the club even promising to do something 'special' for the striker.
However, come the new season, the club took a new direction with youth being the emphasis, as a result Tuffy became surplus.
Now, after three defeats in as many matches, and only one goal scored (from a penalty) the Waterhouse faithful are demanding the prolific striker's return, which is unlikely to be this weekend.
"I start training next week but my work is to score goals for the club and motivate some of the youth. I always target the 22-goal mark and this season is the same. But the team need some three points, because we are nine points too far behind, so I am begging the players for more guts," he said.
He also believes the return of veteran player Irvino English is a good thing.
"I like to see a real leader back in the team. That's what we need, leaders. English don't like to lose and I know that before I came to Waterhouse, so when he starts to play ball will roll. We have a good team but it's like is only on paper but it's quality I see out there but we need heart and passion," he said.



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