Stewart: Good prospects need special care

September 27, 2016

Veteran football coach Bradley Stewart says he has seen some performers in this season's Manning Cup

competition who could become quality players.

Stewart is recommending that such players be taken out of what he calls the regular system and be given additional work to accelerate their progress. Stewart reckons such a move is needed to boost Jamaican football which he believes has achieved very little in the last 20 years.

Having watched three Manning Cup games at the time of the interview, Stewart commented: "I've identified one or two players that I think in another environment, you could look and say that those players would become quality players down the road.

"Our environment is a little different", he explained. Reflecting on what he has seen in the United States, he continued, "I've been exposed to a different process, how players are identified and elite players are taken out of the regular system and given additional work to enhance the progress of those players."

"In our situation", he observed, "It's not like that."

Stewart, who has coached at high school, club, and national level, recommends such a system for Jamaica.

"I would think that if it is that we have quality players that we should make an effort to fast-track them given where we have been able to achieve nothing in the last 20 years," he reasoned.

Stewart has watched encounters between Excelsior High School and Tarrant High School, St Jago High School and Calabar High School and has also seen many-time champions St George's College.

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