Unacceptable! ...Waterhouse, Humble Lion fail to show for RSPL press conference

September 30, 2016
@Normal:Donovan White

General manager of the Premier League Clubs Association (PLCA) Pat Garel says the absence of clubs at the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) weekly press conference yesterday is "unacceptable" and cannot be tolerated in the future.

Humble Lion FC and Waterhouse FC failed to have representation at the mandatory function. The Clarendon-based Humble Lion did not show.

Waterhouse's manager turned up when the press conference was over.

"It is embarrassing for the no-show of the clubs as the weekly press conference is mandatory. We will have to do something about it moving forward," Garel told STAR Sports during the press conference at Red Stripe yesterday.

"The clubs that are selected to be in attendance were sent an email for them to be there two days prior to the date of the press conference," she said.

Struggling Waterhouse is scheduled to host Maverley-Hughenden FC in the feature game to be televised live on Television Jamaica (TVJ) on Sunday.

"The sponsors won't be pleased," she asserted.

Garel also claimed that she contacted Waterhouse club president Donovan White yesterday morning before the 10 o'clock start of the press conference, and he said the manager and two players would be in attendance.

However, White refused to speak when contacted by STAR Sports yesterday.

"I can't speak to you as I am in a meeting," he said.

Waterhouse's manager, Doreen Thompson, who turned up approximately an hour late, said she was informed very late.

Meanwhile, Waterhouse FC chairman Bruce Bicknell failed to respond to STAR Sports when his office was contacted.

In the case of Humble Lion, the club's secretary, Daphne Taylor, said assistant coach Lenworth Gordon and captain Wolry Wolfe were the representatives.

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