I won't be back - Bolt

November 26, 2016
Usain Bolt
@Normal:Usain Bolt celebrates winning gold in the men's 4x100m relay in Rio de Janeiro.

Usain Bolt isn't planning to return to competition once he retires. That's the word reported from the sprint supremo himself in an interview carried by German publication, 'Sport Bild'. The tall man from Trelawny says he won't be tempted to emulate American swimming great Michael Phelps who came out of retirement to compete with distinction at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Phelps bumped his total of Olympic gold medals to 23 in Rio this summer after interrupting a retirement that started after the 2012 Olympics. Bolt won't be doing the same four years from now when Tokyo hosts the Games. "This will not happen," he said. " I won't know how to motivate myself by then. I don't have anything to prove to anyone," he added.

In reference to a career that has already seen him win six individual Olympic gold medals and seven individual World Championship titles.

He believes swimming is different from sprinting and said, "If you stop this, you don't start again; at least I will not."

Bolt, who has set four of his five world records in big championship finals, has announced his intention to retire after the 2017 World Championships in London. His last race in Jamaica is expected to be run at the second staging of the Racers Grand Prix. However, organisers of the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia's Gold Coast are reportedly trying to persuade him to compete there.

In August, Peter Beatty, who chairs the 2018 Commonwealth Games organising committee, told the Sydney Morning Herald, "We'll explore whatever avenues we can to encourage him to come here."

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