Edwards appeals for support for Under-17 Boyz

December 02, 2016

National under-17 coach, Andrew Edwards, has called for more support in helping his young Reggae Boyz get quality preparation for the CONCACAF final round in Panama in April. However, he says the key to getting that desired preparation is having a residency camp for the young footballers for the remainder of the preparation period leading up to the championships.

Edwards argued that with a resident camp they would have more time to focus on corrections and improvements.

"We are making strong representation for a residential type of camp, where we can take the boys out of school and have them in camp for the portion of the preparation period. That will allow us to take care of their nutritional, academic, physical, and psychological preparation and other areas of importance," he said.

Meanwhile, Edwards says scouting for new talent, including overseas players, will continue up to the end of January, but after that they will focus on a final squad.

"Once January comes we will not be adding to the group unless something real special shows itself. We want to put ourselves in a position where we can be focused and deliberate with the players at our disposal. In January, we will travel around the island to see what kind of emerging talent exists. From there, we will decide if anybody is worthy of being added to the group. If not, we will stick to what we have," he said.

He continued, "We already have some overseas players in the group, and I don't anticipate that we will add any new ones but you never know."

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