Lights return to Waterhouse

December 09, 2016
Barrington Pryce (right) of Tivoli Gardens clears the ball ahead of Keno Simpson (left) of Waterhouse during a Red Stripe Premier League football match at the Drewsland Stadium on August 12.


Night matches will be played at Waterhouse mini-stadium for the first time this season, when the Drewsland-based team tackle high-riding Tivoli Gardens in a 6 p.m. game on Sunday.

Night games ceased at the Drewsland complex last season, when the team struggled to find wins and support dwindled.

This forced the executive to abort night games due to cost.

However, the main reason behind the team not using their home ground after sunset this season was due to the changing of a light-pole.


Major boost


The pole was completed this week and club chairman, Bruce Bicknell, believes the return of night matches will be a major boost for the team.

"We were changing it from a wooden-pole to a steel-pole. It has been out for three months, because we had to fabricate huge steel pipes then take down the wooden poles and put on back the lights, so it was a tedious process.

"The next thing is cost containment, the cost of running the lights is very expensive but we decided to give it a try, so we'll use it every now and again," he told STAR Sports.


Currently struggling


The lights and night matches are a positive move for the club, which is currently struggling at second-from-bottom.

Bicknell believes this has coincided perfectly with the hiring of new coach, Glendon 'Admiral' Bailey, whom he gives his full backing to lift the team from relegation danger.

"We get a much larger turn out under the lights. The fact that you are bringing back the lights will be more reason for the crowd to come out and support the team and give them a lot more confidence to play better. so it's a positive move," he said.

He also gave Bailey his full backing to pull the team from their present predicament.

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