Maxwell moves to New Kgn FC ...RSPL on his mind


December 26, 2016

Newly appointed New Kingston FC coach Geoffrey Maxwell says that he took up the role because he believes the team has what it takes to make it all the way to the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL).

Maxwell's side is currently in the Magnum KSAFA Major League, two divisions below the RSPL, but he says he was appointed after having what he describes as a good meeting with club president and Technical Director David Mighty, and General Manager Andrew Minott.

The administrators share his vision for the club and Maxwell says the three of them have had a good relationship for many years and he was seen as the right man to be appointed, because of his many years of experience coaching at various levels of Jamaican football.

"The management team and I go way way back to the Santos Football Club days," Maxwell says. "We had a discussion and they asked if I was interested in helping them get to the Premier League. I didn't have a problem with that because I was feeling a little bit tired of the Premier League situation."

Maxwell says that he wanted a new challenge, having just completed a season at Haile Selassie in the ISSA Flow Schoolboy Football.

He says that based on what he has seen since taking over, he has a talented squad of players, though lacking in experience.

The plan is now to concentrate on trying to develop a method and a system that the team has to play.

He says this will involve getting rid of any big egos that may exist in the team.

"When it comes to Jamaican football, the whole a dem swear dat dem is Pele and Maradona," Maxwell says.

"I've already laid out the method of how we're going to play and as I've told the players: 'You don't do what I want, you don't play."

"It's very, very straightforward, you know me over the years. I'm not into the cussing and quarrelling with anybody," he says.

Despite drawing their first match of the season 1-1 at Seaview Gardens last Wednesday, Maxwell was disappointed with the result, saying they created more chances than the opponents but did not win the game because they did not make the most of them.

However, he is not looking to make significant changes to the squad in next month's transfer window.

"There is one player that I have recommended to management. I think that is being looked into but I don't think there is any confirmation as yet. Unfortunately, I'm unable to give his name at the moment," he says.

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