Table Tennis boss wants more time

February 04, 2017

Table tennis president Godfrey Lothian, who was returned unopposed at the Table Tennis Jamaica council elections on Tuesday, says there will be a motion to extend each administrative term from three to four years when the annual general meeting (AGM) takes place today.

Lothian, who came to the helm in 2013, also had the majority of his slate returned unopposed, and says an extra year in his tenure would allow him to get more things accomplished.

"At the AGM, there will be a resolution put forward by the Duhaney Park Table Tennis club to extend the association's administration life from three to four years. This would be a plus for the organisation, as we would get more things done. We expect it to go through," he told STAR Sports.

He also believes the legacy he has built after one term drove fear in his expected challengers, and none turned up for nomination.

"My work has been recognised wide and far and those who were talking didn't see the need to put up a challenge. The facts are there," Lothian said.

He now has major plans to build on what they have and continue pushing the sport forward.

"We have a Japanese coach for two years, an office with skilled staff and 74 coaches combined across the country," he said.

In three years, he wants 15,000 athletes playing table tennis and also wishes to increase the amount of course conductors to 12.

Meanwhile, Glenroy Williams and Owen Flowers were returned as first and second vice- president, respectively. Ann Marie Burton-Cole stays on as general secretary. Treasurer Rayando Williams and his assistant, Maureen Nembhard, were also returned unopposed.

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