More top netball coaches needed in Jamaica

February 15, 2017
Connie Francis (standing) talks with members of Jamaica's senior netball team in 2005.
Annett Daley

International Netball Federation (INF) international testing panel member and international umpire, Sylvester ‘Chris’ Campbell, says there is a need for more top-level local coaches fit to coach the national team.

Campbell says Netball Jamaica needs to increase the pace at which they are turning out coaches.

The senior Sunshine Girls have been without a coach for more than two months and most of the handful of local, qualified coaches (those holding a Jamaica award, the highest qualification locally) are either unavailable or not interested.

This has left the team in a coaching dilemma since late last year.

Campbell says the answer is to improve the number of accomplished top-level local coaches here.

"In any good system it is good to have a lot more to choose from. The cadre  needs to be bigger, enough for you pick, choose and refuse from. So it's important to keep the numbers high so we don't get in the position we are currently (with national team) where there are only a handful, when we could have more," he said.

Currently only Oberon Pitteron-Nattie, Connie Francis, Minneth Reynolds, Annett Daley and Maureen Hall hold a Jamaica award.

Tracey Ann Griffiths, Conrad Parkes and Marvette Anderson are now completing theirs.

Coaches obtain these badges through the University of Technology coaching courses, which starts at level one and move up to the Jamaica award, from which coaches can move on to the international level.

Campbell says there needs to be greater urgency in putting out high-ranking coaches.

“The Jamaica award takes you to the next level of going international and coaching at that level.  It's not an easy course, because it's for top coaches and the theoretical, scientific side, and psychological side and the whole preparation of playing at that level is not as easy to grasp.

"Jamaica is doing what is best to get coaches up to that level, they just need to speed it up,” said Campbell.

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