Delgado to the rescue

February 16, 2017
Kingston and St Andrew Football Association president, Wayne Shaw (left) receives the health sponsorship contract from Ryhon Brooks, manager of Delgado Health Services.

A historic partnership was forged yesterday with the signing of a three-year agreement worth $21.6 million ($7.2 million a season), between the Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) and the Delgado Health Services.

The agreement will see the health care givers providing free medical care to youth players, while senior players, KSAFA referees and KSAFA council members will be afforded the same services at discounted rates.

The sponsorship will last until August 2020 and youth players will be entitled to a free electrocardiogram (ECG) test at the start of the season. Any player who is injured during a KSAFA run event will receive free medical care. The services include physiotherapy, orthopaedic consultation and general family consultation.

KSAFA president, Wayne Shaw, hailed the deal as the first of its kind locally.

The health provider will be available for all leagues from quarter-finals through to the finals and they will provide a team for Friday night football which begins in March. Also senior players, KSAFA referees and council members will be offered ECG test at a cost of $500, physiotherapy, at $1,500 and general family consultation at $1,000.




Shaw says this will save the teams a lot of expense.

Ryhon Brooks, manager of Delgado Health Services, revealed that the late former Meadhaven and Calabar High coach David 'Wagga' Hunt was his inspiration, and he just wanted to give something back to football in honour of the outstanding local youth coach.

"Mr Hunt is someone I respect and looked up to, and I wanted to do something to honour him," Brooks said.

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