Future of Monday Night football at National Stadium undecided

February 24, 2017
The National Stadium in Kingston

Independence Park Limited (IPL), operators of the National Stadium are awaiting a report from the Premier League Clubs Association (PLCA) in order to determine whether they will continue with Red Stripe Monday night football at the nation's premier venue.
A double-header was staged at the Stadium on Monday which was done on a trial basis.
Next Monday's game will be hosted by Harbour View at the Harbour View Mini Stadium.

Complimentary tickets

The IPL and PLCA has partnered to bring back premier league matches inside the venue.
I'm still awaiting the figures from the PLCA to make a review, then decide on the way forward. We know that there were complimentary tickets, so it is about the figures," IPL's general manager Major Desmon Brown told STAR Sports yesterday morning.
However, PLCA general manager Pat Garel says that a new set of fixtures will be sent out including Monday Night double-header games in the National Stadium.
"We are comfortable with the events of Monday night, going forward we hope it would grow to attract more spectators," Garel said yesterday. We were conservative in our expectation as we had three days to promote the games. We will take more time to promote the games. And, also the turnout will depend on the matchups," she added.
Earlier, IPL had brokered a partnership with the PLCA for a Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) double-header at the National Stadium last Monday night.
Both parties decided to come together to have games played in the nation's best facility in an effort to aid the development of local football. The proceeds from the gates will be shared on a 50-50 basis between the IPL and the PLCA.
IPL, the government agency responsible for the National Stadium complex, said that last Monday's games were played on a trial basis..
The IPL was responsible for additional cost to stage the games. Only the grandstand section was open with tickets costing $50


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