JADCO wants longer ban for Russell

March 09, 2017

The Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO), led by lead counsel Langston Robinson has launched an appeal to increase the one-year ban imposed on West Indies all-rounder AndrE Russell, and is seeking the maximum two-year penalty for the Jamaican cricketer.

The dates for the appeal hearing was set for May 8 and May 9 at a preliminary hearing at the Jamaica Conference Centre yesterday. The hearing will take place at the same venue.

The appeal will be heard by a five-man local panel, which will be chaired by Justice Karl Harris. The other members of the panel are Justice Marva McIntosh, Dr Audley Betton, Dr Kurdell Espinosa, and Dr Maria Smith, with Harris noting that he expects a prompt procedure.

Russell's lawyer Patrick Foster, who also led his defence in the original hearing, couldn't say much after yesterday's preliminary procedure, but noted that situation, while underlining their determination to oppose the appeal.

"The chairman looks as if he is sensitive about misrepresentation so I want to stick to the fact. But JADCO are saying that the one-year penalty imposed is too low and that it should be a maximum of two years and we will naturally be opposing it, although I don't want to go into two much details," Foster told STAR Sports.


The Jamaican all-rounder was slapped with a 12-month ban by a three-member tribunal of chairman Hugh Faulkner, Dr Majorie Vassell, and Dixeth Palmer, on January 31, the day the ban started.

Russell, a popular figure on the international cricket circuit, particularly in the Twenty20 format of the game, had committed an anti-doping whereabouts after missing three drugs tests in a 12-month period - an offence that equates to a failed drug test under global anti-doping laws.

His suspension was slated to end on January 30 2018, however, if found guilty Russell would not be eligible to play competitive cricket again until January 30, 2019.

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