KSAFA clubs object to Portmore inclusion in Under-20 league

March 15, 2017
KSAFA Under-20 Football Competition press launch held at the Scotiabank Sports Club in Liguanea on March 7.
Donovan White

Some Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) clubs are up in arms over the confederation's decision to invite St Catherine-based Portmore United to participate in this season's Under-20 competition.

Portmore was invited after it made a request to KSAFA, but Waterhouse FC and Cavalier SC have taken exception to the decision.

President of Waterhouse FC, Donovan White, said any decision must be in the best interest of KSAFA clubs.

"It costs each club hosting a game a minimum of $20,000 per game, given that Portmore United is an additional team, each time they play it will cost our clubs at least $20,000 more for those games," he added.

White said it was not anything against Portmore per se, but that the club's development should be its own FA's (St. Catherine) responsibility.

"Our (KSAFA) clubs like every other club across Jamaica is struggling for limited resources, thus the question of why we are extending ourselves at the expense of our struggling clubs and affiliates remains unanswered and a bit of a mind boggle," he added.

Cavalier manager Lancelot Cowan also questioned Portmore's inclusion, noting that when the team was presented at the launch it was a decision had already been made and clubs' opinions were not requested.

"The decision was not put to the clubs present, for ratification," Cowan said.




KSAFA council member Peter Higgins initially queried the acceptance of Portmore.

"Let me ask what are the real reasons for having an affiliate of St Catherine FA participate in our competition. What are the benefits KSAFA will derive from Portmore's participation," Higgins said.

Meanwhile, KSAFA's general secretary Dwayne Dillon said the team was accepted after debate and that no objection was raised at the time.

"At the Under-20 club meeting held on March 2 with 21 clubs present, the president gave information about the request and subsequent decision and there were no concerns raised," Dillon said via email.

He noted that KSAFA's decision was grounded in its belief in a holistic approach towards the development of the game and human capital, and its desire to build relationships and extending its capacities and competencies to those who seek to benefit.

"We are one football family and wherever or whenever this association can lend a helping hand ... we will be more than happy to do so," he said.

Thirty-two KSAFA clubs, plus guest team Portmore United, are down to participate in the competition that is scheduled to begin next Monday.

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