Holmes declares loyalty to Grant

March 23, 2017
File Holmes

LAST season's beaten Contender finalist Richard 'Frog' Holmes yesterday declared his loyalty to Bruising Gym trainer Carl Grant, pointing out that he was not among the defectors from the Stony Hill Camp.

In addition to Holmes, who has been with him from day one, Grant also trained fighters such as Sakima Mullings, Kesna Davis and Michael Gardener, who he had described as "ungrateful" in a STAR Sports report.

"Richard has been at the gym from the inception. He has been loyal to me. This is the sixth year that I am taking him to the Contender and he's is one of my loyalists," Grant pointed out, correcting the impression given that all his top fighters had left Bruising Gym in search of a more lucrative payday.


Pro-career ambitions


Grant said Holmes has outgrown his amateur status and is ready, fulfil his pro-career ambitions.

Holmes confirmed his loyalty to the only coach he has known, saying if he were to move on it was something he would have to discuss with his trainer and mentor.

"Yes, I am still at Bruising Gym. I have no immediate plans to leave Bruising but, if ever that is the case, me and my coach will discuss it first. He introduced me to boxing and he is all I know, so I have to give him his respect," he said.

Holmes said any move from Bruising must be to a gym outside Jamaica, a move from which Grant must also benefit.

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