Francis, Hall wage war of words

March 25, 2017
Maureen Hall
Connie Francis (standing) talks with members of Jamaica's senior netball team in 2005.

Former national netball coach Connie Francis has rebuked Maureen Hall for openly "insulting" her, claiming that the former technical director openly accused her of media leaks.

Francis was this week overlooked for the post of national coach. Englishwoman Jermaine Allison-McCracken was given the job. She has since pointed fingers at Hall.

"I know that from last year and ever since that I have never found favour in her eyes and I don't know for what reason," Francis said, relating an incident, which she claimed soured their relationship.

"I had an incident, where I was in the vicinity where she (Hall) was. I always show respect so I said good morning, she didn't answer me," Francis said.

"I was then referring her to an article that I heard was in the paper, she walked away, turned back and shouted her feelings, 'you and your media friends is the one who do it'," Francis claimed.

"I don't know if it is because of my ability to do well with the national team or she doesn't want me to do well," Francis pondered




Meanwhile, Hall has said she did not participate in the selection of Netball Jamaica's new coach, but confirmed with STAR Sports that she did have an exchange of words with Francis.

"I did not go to the interview nor was I a part of the selection process," said Hall.

" I have known Connie for over 20 years and I am just learning now that she thinks that I don't like her. I didn't accuse her of going to the media. I said something to her but the comment was not that she ran to the media and there were other people there who can confirm definitively what I said.

"I don't think I insulted her but if she thought that I insulted her then certainly I would apologise. If that is what she believes, I am sorry," Hall said.

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