Juice hoarding at Champs - Sponsors point at dishonest coaches

April 05, 2017

GREEDY coaches at last week's Boys and Girls' Champs forced the event's hydration sponsors to ration beverages being distributed on Saturday's final day.

As Champs drew to a close on Saturday, it was noticed that coaches of teams that were through competing were hoarding supplies of water and other beverages, forcing the sponsors to take drastic action in limiting supplies.

Affected coaches at the warm-up area at Stadium East were heard openly complaining that they were being refused requests for fluids by persons responsible for distributing liquids.

"What we are hearing is absolutely ridiculous. We are all here and we are very thirsty and all we can hear is that no coach will be getting hydration, and athletes not warming up will not get hydration," Meadowbrook High's team manager, Hyacinth Johnson, complained to STAR Sports, adding she was told that the instructions were coming from Inter-Secondary Schools' Sports Association (ISSA) representatives.


Sending students


However, a source from hydration sponsor GraceKennedy told STAR Sports that coaches were at the root of the problem.

"Between Grace and Lucozade provide hydration for the athletes. We also provided three cases for the coaches. We discovered that people were sending students to pick up bottles and take products, hoarding them. Several of them were even abusive to the ladies distributing the liquids.

"There was not an issue in relation to the supply but in relation to the behaviour of the people," the source pointed out, adding that the problem was noticed from as early as Wednesday's second day but reached extreme levels on Saturday, forcing sponsors to shut it down.

"In some instances the adults were not behaving at the standard which we expect because of the abuse that was happening over there. Some of the schools that were guilty were schools that had participated already and were leaving because there were no further events for them. They were trying to grab and go," the source said.

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