'Dem nuh worry we' - Maverley boss plans humble pie at Prison Oval

April 12, 2017
Reno's Chevar Menzie (left) and Maverley-Hughenden's Rodico Wellington battle for the ball during their Red Stripe Premier League rescheduled match at Barbican on Sunday. Maverley won 1-0, which lifted them from last in the standings, switching places with JAMALCO in the relegation battle.

SPURRED by Humble Lion president Mike Henry's declaration that his club will pity no team in its chase of the $1m prize to top the Premier League preliminary round and championship ambitions, Maverley-Hughenden's general manager, Junior Dennis, yesterday warned the visitors that Prison Oval is not Effortville, Clarendon.

In two meeting this season, Humble Lion, who are second by a point in the preliminary round with two games to go, beat Maverley 3-0 and 2-0 at Effortville.

Maverley host the Clarendon side for the first time this season. Dennis said they intend to show all their passion and commitment to make the most of not travelling to Clarendon.


Full throttle


"When Humble Lion come to town we will have to rough them up and take it. It can't be a joke thing. As the game start we are going to go at them full throttle. I wish it rains so that what my players did to Reno they can do even better to Humble Lion. We are going to pressure them from the get-go," he said.

Humble Lion are a point adrift of leaders UWI with two matches to go. Henry recently said Humble Lion will be showing no pity, pointing to teams such as relegation-threatened Maverley.

However, Dennis said Henry's declaration has not troubled them in the least. He pointed out that their performances over the last three matches have been a big motivation and last Sunday's win against Reno has re-energised the entire club going into the last two matches.

"Mike Henry put out a statement in the paper that he wants the $1million and he is leaving no stone unturned. We are paying no attention to that. We know the task at hand and we will not quit. We have to get maximum points," he said.

"The coach (Donovan Duckie) is very tactical and the president has come out and declared the intention but regardless of what they want to say or want to do, Maverley/Hughenden will have three points going home.

"Our football team has got a bit of momentum. The last three games we performed next to excellent. The two games left are like knockout finals. We can't even draw those games, we have to win. The president says he wants our scalp so let's see who will end up with the three points," Dennis added.

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