Prison Oval unsafe for players

April 28, 2017

Clarendon's Sporting Central Academy (SCA) will be playing their South Central Confederation final under protest against Rivoli United.

The match is scheduled for the Spanish Town's Prison Oval, Rivoli's home ground, which president of SCA, Ainsley Lowe said is violence prone.

Lowe pointed to an incident at the same venue two years ago which ended in violence due to a missile throwing incident during the JFF Premier League play-off between DB Basovak and Jamalco FC.

"It is Rivoli's home ground. They have opted to play the game at Prison Oval to give them (Rivoli) the advantage,"Lowe told STAR Sports yesterday.

There will however be no venue change for Sunday's 5pm kickoff which determines the team that advance to the JFF's premier league four-team play-offs next month.

"We are ready to play the match and beat Rivoli. It is not safe to our players and fans to play at Prison Oval. We would be happy to play at the other venue (St Elizabeth Technical High Complex)," Lowe added.

However, chairman of the South Central Confederation, Michael Ricketts, said that SCA went about airing their concerns the wrong way.

"It is unfortunate, I don't know why the media got involved. We had a meeting with the four teams prior to the semi-finals and Prison Oval and STETHS were proposed for the final. A team must get the advantage. None of the teams objected at the meeting," Ricketts informed.

"Prison Oval was selected from an economical situation which is ideal. There will be no change in venue for the final," the South Central Confederation boss confirmed.

Lowe 'rubbished' the meeting prior to the final.

"We could not object to the venue at that meeting as we did not know which two teams would be involved in the final. I could not imagine that they would have selected Prison Oval with Rivoli in the final," Lowe said.

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