John Mills cry foul

May 01, 2017
Tushawn Lawson of John Mills clearing 1.60 metres to win the Class Two boys high jump at the Insports All-Age & Junior High Athletics Championships at the Stadium East field last Wednesday.

Ransford Spaulding, coach of John Mills Primary and Junior High track and field team, is calling for a recount of the points at this year's staging of the INSPORTS All-Age Athletics Championships.

The three-day meet ended on Friday at the Stadium East field with John Mills losing to defending champions Windward Road by five points.

John Mills tallied 498 to Windward Road's 503 but Spaulding said by his tally his school should have won quite easily.

The Retirement Road-based John Mills led Windward Road by 19.5 points entering the final day of the championships and Spaulding said he was surprised when the final score was announced at the end of the event.

"I have been doing this for over 20 years and every position that my school finishes in a race, I keep up with the scoring. S when I checked my score on the final day, we won the champs," said Spaulding.

"I am wondering if it is a computer glitch. I should have checked at the end but I was too tired to do that," Spaulding said.

He added this year's championships was very poorly run.

"It (meet) wasn't not organised properly because you can't have an open track with the elements like the sun on the kids who are preparing to compete," he said. "You can't have kids walking across the field while the races are being run and this for me wasn't good," Spaulding said.

Windward Road were winning the championships for the fourth straight year.

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