Fix my car - Ref tells Maverley FC

May 02, 2017
Maverley Hughenden's Andrew Peddlar (right) makes a challenge on Waterhouse's Rodave Murray during a Premier League match at the Waterhouse Mini Stadium on Thursday, October 27, 2016.

REFEREE Malachi Reid has demanded that home team Maverley Football Club compensate him for damage done to his vehicle, which was scratched during an Under-20 match against Duhaney Park last Thursday.

However, Maverley's general manager, Junior Dennis, insists the club cannot be held responsible.

"Last Thursday, Mr Malachi (Reid) parked his car over the far side, towards the Molynes Road end, and after the game he called to my attention some scratches on his car.  But, I tell you, anybody could have done it. There were two teams, Maverley and Duhaney Park, so anybody could have done that. It didn't have to be Maverley/Hughenden supporters, Dennis pointed out.

"But he (Reid) is saying it (vehicle) was on Maverley's compound, that's why he puts the blame on Maverley. We should have the requisite security but who provides security at Under-20? No one does, so we are not responsible. Anybody could have walked in the park and done it," he claimed.

Both men agreed that there was nothing in the game, which ended 2-2, to have caused the incident.


"The game was fairly adjudicated and the goals that they scored was duly scored," said Dennis.

Reid, who mentioned the incident in his match report, explained that after the game ended he and his colleagues were discussing the match when it was brought to his attention by his assistant that there were scratches on his vehicle.

"There was no flash point or situation that occurred to suggest something could have happened. There was nothing that would have led to us believe this would have happened," Reid stated.

"I examined it and realised the scratches were fresh, and brought it to the attention of a member of the Maverley management, who acknowledged it was done on the compound and thus under the supervision of Maverley, the home team. So, at the very least, I want compensation for the damage of my vehicle."

Maverley has written to KSAFA, explaining their side of the incident.

"I sent a letter to KSAFA regarding the same incident and explaining the circumstances, and we offered to provide security, if needs be, for the remainder of the season for our home games," Dennis pointed out.

Maverley-Hughenden were recently demoted after spending a season in the Premier League. Last Thursday's incident marked the second time in a month that an episode at its home field has made news. Former coach Anthony Patrick's life was threatened by overzealous fans when he turned up for work in early April. He was afterwards fired by the club. 



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