Media barred from netball training session

May 09, 2017

After sending home three players last Wednesday for what it terms inappropriate behaviour, Netball Jamaica on Friday locked out the media from its training at the National Arena.

Netball Jamaica president, Paula Daley-Morris, sought to explain the unusual by saying the team had a closed-door training session.

"They had a closed-door training. It was not locked out," said Daley-Morris.

"They have a series coming up and she (coach Jermaine Allison-McCracken) was working on her system. She's a new coach and she's trying to put her system in place and if the media had told us before we would have let them in. It's a closed-door training. She doesn't need any spectators at that minute," Daley-Morris said.

She added that coaches are at liberty to have closed door sessions whenever they want.


Total mischief


"It's not the first time we have had a closed door session. If they (media) went and they said we are working on systems, and we don't want anyone in there right now, coaches can do that. The media just popped up like that. It's mischief. It's total mischief someone is making and it needs to stop," Daley-Morris added.

However, Allison-McCracken said was very surprised by the move.

"I don't know anything about and if that's the decision, it's not necessarily my decision, I am led by Mr. (Wayne) Lewis and if they made the decision that they don't want the press there then that is their prerogative," said Allison-McCracken.

"This is my not area, my area is preparing the girls for competition," Allison-McCracken said.

Lewis, who is communication director of Netball Jamaica, in turn was also surprised when told of what transpired.

"I will investigate it and I will speak to the powers that be and find out exactly what transpired why that decision was made," said Lewis.

"We have no intention of doing this because it must be a one-off situation," he said.

Lewis added: "But that will never be the new dispensation going forward where the media will be blocked from training sessions."

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