Not a one-man band - Rivoli president has plans for Premier League

May 10, 2017
Ryan Miller of Cavalier (left), battling Rivoli's Kemar Bennett for the ball during a Premier League match at Stadium East on Sunday, September 27, 2015. Miller, who had missed the Corporate Area Super League winners' Premier League promotion play-off opening match against Rivoli on Sunday after a bust-up with the club, is set to return for today's second match against Priory at Stadium East.

STEVE Smart, president and long-time financial backer of Rivoli United, said it will be a different approach for the Spanish Town club if they make it to the Premier League for a fourth time at the end of the play-offs.

Rivoli became the first team to qualify for the Premier League play-offs when they blanked Sporting Central Academy 2-0 in the South Central Confederation final on April 30 at Prison Oval, Spanish Town.

Relegated from the Premier League at the end of the 2015-16 season for the third time in the club's history, the Rivoli are aiming to return for a fourth run but under improved leadership.

"I was abroad for many years but returned home over a year ago. I came back during our last season in the Premier League. The focus is to get us back in the top league. We are on the way and need to finish in the top two to make it to the 2017-18 league.


A major concern


"It was a financial situation that led to us going down, and also lack of discipline, a major concern," the club's long-serving president informed, adding that he is already working on a plan .

"We have a plan to reorganise and having people play their respective roles. We hope to have a better structure moving forward. There might be one or two new people on board," he revealed, pointing out that Rivoli is not a one-man club.

"I try my best to do everything for the club. Rivoli is dear to my heart. We have past players who live in England ready to commit, financially. We have a few financial moves in order to keep the team if we qualify," he explained.

The JFF play-off will feature already-qualified Rivoli and Western Confederation champions, Sandals South Coast. The Eastern Confederation winners are also involved as well as Cavalier or Santos, who will meet in the Kingston and St Andrew Football Association Confederation final on Friday night.

The top two sides from the four-team play-off will advance to next season's Premier League.

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