Finally! - Naggo Head to receive overdue Primary Champs prize

May 11, 2017



Floyd Coke coach of Naggo Head Primary said he is holding Sports Minister Olivia 'Babsy' Grange to her words that the institution will get its cash prize of $500,000 worth of track and field equipment for winning last year's INSPORTS Primary School Athletics Championships.

Coke and INSPORTS have been locked in a bitter battle over the past year, after the Government entity failed to hand over the cash reward to the Portmore-based institution, which won the championship for the second straight time last year.

However, Grange announced at this year's launch of the event that Naggo Head will received their cash prize - a promise that has left Coke delighted that the issue will finally be resolved.

"It is a far improvement from what we were receiving because when we asked about it prior to the minister's announcement (yesterday), we just got the run around from INSPORTS," said Coke.




"In fact, nobody had anything concrete to say to us, except what the Minister (said) ... and so we are feeling better about what has happened," Coke said.

However, Coke added that he was not given a timeline by Grange as to when they will be receiving their prize.

"I think after this championship has been completed we will ask for a timeline because we are holding the Minister to her words and we are confident that she will follow through on this promise," said Coke.

Coke stated that he was very disappointed with INSPORTS' handling of the matter, accusing the organisation of being unprofessional in their response whenever asked about the cash prize.

"We are very disappointed that we have yet to receive this because at one point a correspondent from INSPORTS promise us that they are going to come to the school and make grand announcement," said Coke.

"We spend up some money to clean the school properly, put up a stage and waiting for the persons to come, and when we called INSPORTS people we behaving like they don't know what we were talking about and so I think that we were taken for a ride," he said.

Naggo Head Primary will look to kick their title defense in high gear with three finals scheduled for today's second day of action at the National Stadium.

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