JADCO boss gets support after Russell blunder

May 11, 2017

Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission chairman, Alexander Williams, said the board remains confident Executive Director Carey Brown, is capable of running the commission's affairs, despite the board stepping in to overrule the administrator, who was overseeing an appeal to extend a one year ban handed to West Indies cricketer, Andre Russell for an anti-doping filing offence.

Williams said that it's Executive Director was managing the organisation under 'old' rules, and that the new legislation of 2015 stipulated that a board review take place at the end of each hearing, and that was not done in Russell's case, which prompted them to step in after a public outcry for the popular Jamaica all-rounder.

But that situation aside, Williams said the board has no doubt in Brown's ability to administer the commission's affairs.


Overall aspect


"We have every confidence in the executive director as to how he manages the overall aspect of the programme and we believe that our view is supported by WADA. As far as the programme is concern, monitoring results, monitoring anti-doping violations, preparation of matters going before the panel, the board has no doubt in Mr Brown's ability and how he conduct these affairs," Williams said.

"A cultured had developed at JADCO for the executive director to proceed and do what needs to be done. For instance, if you have a situation with three missed tests, it makes no sense complaining, the board cannot stop it. But when you look at the rules - WADA code 13.1.3. it speaks about a board decision review and I suppose it had been overlooked or did not come to the attention of Mr Brown that this is what should happen," Williams explained.




After reviewing Russell's case and consulting with the Attorney General, JADCO withdrew the appeal.

"My thought is it was a misunderstanding between what the 2015 code is saying and what the new legislation is saying in regards to how the board operates and how the executive director operates. But I am careful that JADCO follows WADA guidelines, which have been incorporated in JADCO rules, so going forward we are going to tighten up on our rules," he added.


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