Two years is just too short - Cycling boss says tenure should coincide with Olympics

May 16, 2017

Jamaica Cycling Federation (JCA) president Kirk Finnikin, said that if he is re-elected for a second term in July, he would seek to increase the number of years an administration can serve, moving the limit from two to four years.

Finnikin argued that two years is too short to implement plans and see them through, saying that each president should be given adequate time to implement ideas and to prepare for the Olympics, after which his tenure should be assessed.

"One of the things we are recommending is that the tenure for a cycling president should be tied to the Olympic period. After two years, you are just getting warmed up, just learning the ropes, you are just putting your plans in place, just starting to build a network and learning contacts.

"So when that two-year period is interrupted, it may cause plans to be delayed or cancelled, so you really need a fair opportunity for every incumbent, his achievement in that four-year period, to be used to judge his performance," Finnikin pointed out.




The next Olympics is 2020. Finnikin does not want the amendment to be passed in July. However, he will be looking to push through the legislation towards the end of his tenure, closer to the next Olympic Games.

"We are proposing that right before the 2020 Olympics, call the election and assess the president's performance during that period. We should have a period of four years, and, every year, at our annual general meeting, report all findings to the cycling community.

"If I were to request that extension now, it would go beyond the time that I was constitutionally asked to be president. The next Olympics is 2020, so if I was to remain, it would mean that I would have spent five years as president, instead of the maximum four, so it's good if we could get that completed before the next Olympics," he said.

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