KSAFA, St Catherine oppose Confed change

May 20, 2017
Shavar Campbell (right) of Tivoli Gardens and Henrico Ricketts of Portmore United lock horns in their Red Stripe Premier League quarter-final at the Edward Seaga Sports Complex on April 24.
KSAFA president Wayne Shaw

Come the 2017/2018 football season, confederation football will be a thing of the past, as the Jamaica Football Federation, intends to move from a Confederation to a zonal structure.

But while some agree with the changes many strongly oppose the new format.

Of all the confederations, it's the Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) which will be the mostly affected. KSAFA teams normally go directly to the play-offs and Ian Kemble, JFF competition's officer, said the changes are aimed at removing any unfair advantage for KSAFA.

"Most parishes play parish competitions and go to a super eight or super six and the winner represent in the play-offs. KSAFA always have an advantage because they play one competition and the winner gets into the play-offs, but that will change because we want every parish to get an equal opportunity," he commented.

KSAFA president, Wayne Shaw, said all 37 affiliates opposed the idea and he believes it will lower their quality.

very strong parishes

"We sent a letter (to JFF) from the clubs saying we are not in agreement... we await their response," Shaw said. "We play Super League, St Thomas don't, why must we play Major League teams? It is going to be unfair for St Thomas teams because St Catherine and KSAFA are stronger, this will kill one spot for two very strong parishes."

St Catherine, president Peter Reid is also against the new format, which he says comes with implications.

"The clubs don't have a problem, but the FA was not for it because there are implications for St Catherine. We have been in the South Central confed a long time, especially at the youth level and we participate in the Juci competition and we get benefits, both financially and kind, so we appealed the decision.

"We will participate but we have questions and concerns we need answered. Who will sponsor the league? Who will run (administer) the league and we need to know the time when it will happen," he added.

St Thomas FA president, Wayne Thompson, on the other hand believes, the new format could be a blessing for his parish.

"St Thomas' problem is our lack of resources. But we have the players and this might help expose players and step up (game) a bit. They will also get a greater publicity," he noted.

Kingston and St Andrew, St Thomas and St Catherine will play one zone. Portland St Ann and St Mary will make another; Manchester, Clarendon and St Elizabeth comprise another group. While St James, Hanover, Westmoreland and St Elizabeth occupy the only zone with four parishes.

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