I am no dictator - Allison-McCracken

May 25, 2017
Jermaine Allison-McCracken

EMBATTLED national netball team coach, Jermaine Allison-McCraken, has dismissed claims that she is a dictator. The Englishwoman has endured a torrid two months as head coach of the Sunshine Girls, which included her suspending three key players, resulting in accusations of being an autocrat.

STAR Sports sources close to the netball programme insist Allison-McCracken has a "my way or the highway" approach, which has not endeared her to the players. However, during the recent three-game Test series against Barbados, McCraken insisted that assumption of her is incorrect, claiming she tries her best to be as inclusive as possible.

"I am not a dictator," she said. "I have a lot of discussions with everyone and I have always taken on board what people have to say... and the players are happy and it showed in their performance."


International level


Addressing concerns raised about her lack of coaching experience at the international level, Allison-McCraken said she trusts her experience and skills as a coach, adding that with the support network she gets from Netball Jamaica, she is confident she can take the team to the next level.

"I think I have had enough years' experience as a coach. I think I have the potential to lift this team to that level of competition, and I have a lot of support (from netball Jamaica) so I will do me best," she said.

Jamaica drew 1-1 with Barbados in their three-match Test series. The Jamaicans drew the first game before scoring a narrow win in game two. However, they ended the series in disappointment on Monday, losing 41-43, their first defeat to Barbados in more than 50 years.

McCraken admitted there is a lot more work to be done with the team.

"The performance was good (against Barbados) but there is still so much to work on, basic things, footwork, bad passing, so we have to work even harder from now on," she stated.

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