Thompson, Satchwell cleared for RSPL final

May 27, 2017

League director, Franz Walker, admitted that an error was made in the Premier League Clubs Association's (PLCA) card accumulation suspension of Arnett Gardens' Oneil 'Bigga' Thompson and Dasha Satchwell, ahead of the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) final.

The administrator described the mix-up as "an oversight" after the pair were eventually cleared to feature in the championship decider.

Both players were cleared for the final slated for Sunday, June 4, after Arnett Gardens lodged a successful appeal, overturning the bans. Arnett Gardens' administrator, Gregory Hall said they were confident from the outset the ban would not stand.

"We appealed based on the fact that both players were unavailable for the final. We found a rule that speaks to the exact situation we found ourselves in.

"Article 38, paragraph 4, state that all card accumulated in the quarter-final round should be annulled for the semi-final, and it was just one card they received in the quarter-final. Both players got one yellow card in the quarter-final and one in the semi-final and the rule said if you get two consecutive yellow cards in the quarter-final, you miss the first leg of the semi-final.

"So they (PLCA) more or less agreed with us and they have send us something saying both players are eligible to play," Hall said.


Quarter-final round


Meanwhile, Walker in explaining the oversight, noted that the rule book states that all cards received in one round cannot be carried over to a next round of matches and being that the quarter-final round is a totally different stage round the semi-final stage, the card from the quarter-final should be annulled.

"It (decision) was based on the regulations. Cards received in the rounds will not be carried over. The quarter-final round is a separate round from the semi-final. Unless the player received two yellows in one round, then he would have to miss a match. It's more like an oversight," he added

Arnett's Gardens coach Jerome Waite welcomed the news.

"We knew that as long as the admin got involved and launched the appeal it would be in our favour. If these players were out we would have to find players to fill their boots and move forward," Waite said.

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