PE Department will take over - football programme - Bennett

May 29, 2017
Maxwell used to coach Hydel.

Corey Bennett, technical director of Hydel's Manning Cup team, said the school is done hiring 'brand name', high-profile coaches for its football programme.

Bennett told STAR Sports in an interview at last weekend's Prep School Track and Field Championships that he does not believe that the school is getting value for money from these coaches, so they will now look to its Physical Education (PE) Department going forward.

Among the 'big name' coaches Hydel has hired are some of Jamaica's most recognised, including Geoffery Maxwell, who led them to final of the Manning Cup in 2012, where they were beaten by St George's College; Donovan 'DV' Hayles; Vassell Reynolds, and Donovan Duckie.

Bennett said that despite the hiring of these brand name coaches, the Ferry-based institution has yet to win the Manning Cup.


"We have never won the Manning Cup and so hiring a high-profile coach did not do us any justice anyway. We had coaches who only turned up for matches, and that is not what we are going to pay a coach for," he said.

"The thought is now to bring into the sports department at the school and internalise it and, hopefully, our PE coaches will be the ones running our football programme for this season," he added.

Bennett said that the school now hopes to get persons it can hold accountable.

"We believe that if we internalise it and a person in the PE Department prepares the team, then we can hold them accountable. It doesn't make sense to have coaches who you only see at matches, which is not going to work for us," he said.

The school hopes to start to build discipline at the lowest level.

"It is a matter of just going from scratch and trying to build some discipline in the programme and see how best we can, in a couple years' time, become a challenging force, like we expect to be," Bennett said.

The Manning Cup competition is set to begin in September.

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