Arnett still strapped for cash

June 03, 2017
Portmore United's Maalique Foster (left) puts Fabian Reid of Arnett Gardens under pressure during a Red Stripe Premier League match in Spanish Town earlier this season.

Arnett Gardens players are still going through a cash crunch months after STAR Sports first reported a shortage of funds at the Red Stripe Premier League club.

Last December, the decision to cut the salaries of Arnett Gardens players affected the performance of the team after they started the season well then went into a lull. .

"It is affecting the team. As the coach I am trying my best to get the players back in the right frame of mind," Waite told STAR Sports in an interview last December.

It seems to have worked as Arnett Gardens will play the RSPL final against Portmore United next Monday at the National Stadium.

"Nothing has changed in terms of the problems at Arnett. However, the mindset of the players is different. We started the season well then went into a lull. We had some internal problems that affected the team. Then some players leave the club and others came in last January (during the second transfer window)," Waite who is hunting his fourth national league title at the Trench Town-based club pointed out yesterday.

"It is my duty to ensure that they stay positive," he added.

Club president, Patrick Roberts explained the reason for the cuts.

"Our budget was between $1.7 million to $2 million previously on a monthly basis. We looked at our situation, which is not unique because of the economic crisis. The chairman met with the other executive members to look at downsizing. We still tried to come up with the additional funds, but that did not happen," Roberts had said in a STAR Sports story late last year said.

"Some players were given the opportunity to leave or take a salary cut. We have a squad of 40 players with about 75 per cent of the squad on contract," he added.

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