Rules are rules - Stewart

June 05, 2017
Carvel Stewart

Chairman of Harbour View FC Carvel Stewart said his club is in full support of the Premier League's knockout format.

There has been public outcry after Arnett Gardens, who barely made the top six, advanced to the final of the competition.

Arnett Gardens also stand to win $2.5 million dollars and one of two places at the Caribbean Football Union Club Championships.

Stewart told STAR Sports that this is the nature of the competition and people should accept it and move on.

"Once you get to knockout anything is possible and so people must stop bawling because their favourite might have dropped out," said Stewart.

"From day one, when we started out and read the rules, you were clear as to what the possibilities were, so don't bawl when you don't achieve your objectives. That's the nature of a knockout, anybody can win a knockout," he said.

Stewart added that credit must be given to Arnett for the way they have played so far in the knockout competition.

"I know it's two different competitions, but we have one competition and our competition has two phases. We have a points-gathering and a knockout phase," he said.

"The rules are the rules, and we play by the rules," Stewart said.

"The competition that we participate in declares a winner at the end of the knockout play-off stage, and therefore the winners and second-place team are the champions and sub-champions as defined by CFU (Caribbean Football Union) and CONCACAF; those are the people who qualify to participate," Stewart said.

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