Prep school recruiters target Basic School Champs

June 17, 2017
These athletes compete in the Girls Class Two 50-metre obstacle race at the 2010 Basic School Championships at the National Stadium.

Shane Harrison, coach of Smart Kids Basic School, said he is sometimes not pleased with the manner in which prep schools have gone about recruiting his athletes at this week's Insports Basic School Championships which ended yesterday at the National Stadium.

"It can be good and it can be bad," said Harrison.

"I think when you have young child in K One (four and five-year-olds) and they take that child, it can be very hard because you have to go and develop from pre-school again. Then they are the ones who are getting the glory and the school is not getting back anything at all," he said.

A number of the country's top prep school's coaches were out in their numbers at the National Stadium on yesterday's final day of the event which began on Wednesday, seeking to recruit some of the island's youngest athletes.

Chief among the prep schools which could be seen yesterday were Hydel, which won the title at this year's Prep and Primary School Championships as well as members of the Vaz Prep coaching staff.

"A lot of times they (prep schools) go behind the coaches back because they know what the coaches are going to say and then they go to parents and take away the kids," Harrison said.

However, Damion McLean, coach of Torrington Early Childhood Basic School, said he has been approached by a number of prep schools, who have promised to offer scholarships to his athletes.

"It is a good thing because year before last (2015). I got two scholarships for two of my babies from the prep schools and their parents were very happy about it," said McLean.

"They offered them full scholarships by paying all of the school fees and so we don't have a problem with this," McLean said.

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