'Breakdown in communication' blamed for Girls absence

June 24, 2017

Miscommunication between Netball Jamaica and two of three suspended players created a loophole which allowed Sunshine Girls Shanice Beckford and Khadijah Williams to play in the domestic league while not turning up for national training.

Netball Jamaica's Communication Director said there was a breakdown in communication with the players who reported to have been sick after failing to reach an agreement with Netball Jamaica to return to the team.

The pair, as well as Nicole Dixon were suspended by national coach Jermaine Allison-McCracken in May. They were expected to make it back to training last week. However, while they did not, they continued to play in domestic competitions.

Lewis said the communication loopholes will be mended.

"There was a breakdown in communication there and therefore we are going to fix that as well to ensure that there is no repeat because if the girls are injured, then they are not expected to playing," said Lewis.


Inappropriate behaviour


The saga with the girls started after they were suspended by Allison-McCracken for "inappropriate behaviour" ahead Barbados after they refused to adhere to certain instructions during training particularly swimming.

"They are back in the programme and on that basis Netball Jamaica will have more influence on the girls to know that if they are injured then they will have to go get treatment and instructions will be issue to them to the fact they will not be eligible to play in those games," he said.

Lewis added:"I think because they were out of the programme then there was no monitoring going on that basis. The girls were free to do whatever they want to do it appears and so now that they are back in the system, then there will be more control and understanding."

The Sunshine Girls are currently preparing for the Caribbean Netball Championships, which will be held in St Lucia in August.

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