Sandals South Coast : 'We will have to fight for the cause'

June 27, 2017
Sandals South Coast

Sandals South Coast will be travelling to Kingston, expecting no favour from already qualified Cavalier SC in the Magnum/Charley's JB/JFF promotion play-off final round on Sunday at Stadium East Complex.

Following a 1-4 loss to Rivoli United on Sunday, Sandals need only a point to ensure a historic qualification to the Red Stripe Premier League next season.

After five rounds, Cavalier are on top with nine points ahead of Sandals South Coast (8), Rivoli United (5) and Priory (4). That means either Sandals or Rivoli can join Cavalier.

"We are not expecting any favour from Cavalier. Before the play-off we have seen each game as critical so it comes down to the last game. It is good that we got a wake-up call against Rivoli on Sunday," head coach of Sandals South Coast, Aaron Lawrence told WESTERN STAR yesterday.

"The team was given the day off today (yesterday) and will resume training tomorrow (today). It won't make our job easier playing Cavalier. We will have to fight for the cause. A lot of people are depending on our qualification to the top league. It would make a big difference for the players and their families," the former Reggae Boyz goalkeeper reasoned.




"This game is very important, so it will be about preparing mentally for this one. Probably, complacency crept in as we should have qualify already, but the players will be ready. Although some of them played in Spanish Town for the first time and will be going to Kingston to play there for the first time, we will show the mental strength to win," Lawrence, who is also the national Under-15 coach, said.

"Our team don't lose regularly and always strive after a defeat. We are also expecting the supporters to come to the game and cheer on the players. They are very important as the 12th man," he concluded.

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