Olympic False Start Threw Me - Fisher

June 29, 2017


A false start at the Olympics damaged the dreams of  St Elizabeth Technical High School graduate Andrew Fisher. Even now, almost a year later, Fisher isn't sure what happened in his 100m semi-final in Rio. He is, however, getting back to being his usual fast starting self.

Fisher, 2013 CAC 100m champion for Jamaica, was running for his new country Bahrain for the first time when he reached the Olympic semis.

"I was really ready", he recounted in Kingston earlier this month. "I guess I was just too confident probably; I knew I would reach the finals."

Lined up with former compatriot Usain Bolt for the second consecutive race, he recalled being sure of a top two finish.

"I was not worried about anyone except for Bolt beating me", he reminisced.

Bolt and Fisher had placed first and second in their first round heat race.

"It really threw me back", Fisher said of the miscue. "After that I was like hesitant in the starts because I don't want to false start and I don't want it to become a habit and all that, but now I think I'm over it."

"I'm getting back quick out of the blocks again", he announced.

The former University of Technology sprinter has already run the 100m in 10.16 seconds twice this season and expects to go even more quickly.

"My coach is trying to keep me as heavy as possible because I don't have any trials but so far I ran like 10.1 under the weights so it's going to be a good season for me."

Fisher, who set his personal best of 9.94 two years ago, concluded, "I just want to stay as heavy as possible, run fast while I'm heavy so when I'm lighter, it should be easier."

After a stint with the MVP Track Club, he is reunited with his former high school coach Reynaldo Walcott at the Elite Performance Club in Santa Cruz.

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