Cavalier boss hits out at Business House president

July 04, 2017

Rudolph Speid the chairman of newly promoted Cavalier has said the Kingston and St Andrew Business House Football Association (KSBHFA) did not try to assist his team in its bid for qualification for next season’s Red Stripe Premier League.
Several players from the Cavalier team playing in the recent Premier League play-offs also represented other teams within the KSAFA Business House Association League.

"My players had to play 10 games in 20 days. They did not get any rest. Over 90 per cent of Cavalier players also play in the Business House. I spoke to the Business House president (Wayne Shaw) on numerous occasions but he told me foolishness," the Cavalier boss said.

“On several occasions both competitions were scheduled on the same day," said Speid, moments after his team played to a 1-1 draw with Sandals South Coast in the Premier League play-offs.

Postponing games 

Cavalier had already qualified but the draw pushed Sandals South Coast to second in the Play-offs and a spot alongside Cavalier in next year’s league.

"In the first play-off game, Al Nesbeth, our top defender and the MVP of the KSAFA Super League had to play for ATL on the same day. He was unavailable for us. Nesbeth also did not play in the last two play-off games for us. There were other players who had to play back to back games in the Business House and play-off," Speid explained.

However Shaw, who is also the Kingston and St Andrew Football Association president, has hit back at Speid and said his organisation did their best.

"We did assist by postponing games and getting in contact with the companies. He is distorting the truth. I have no further comment," Shaw told THE STAR

Rivoli was the other team in contention for a Premier League spot and would have needed Sandals South Coast to lose against Cavalier while themselves defeating Priory to qualify in Sunday’s final round of matches.

However, Speid said that mattered not to him.
“My job was to win the play-off series and collect the trophy and prize money, who came second was not our concern,” Speid said.

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