Walters denies Maverley return

July 08, 2017
Maverley Hughenden's Andrew Peddlar (right) makes a challenge on Waterhouse's Rodave Murray during a Premier League match at the Waterhouse Mini Stadium on Thursday, October 27, 2016.

Former Maverley-Hughenden Football Club president Craig Walters has denied reports that he is considering a return to the club.

Walters controversially left Maverley-Hughenden during the last Red Stripe Premier League season while it was battling relegation.

Club administrator Shanett Stewart accused the former president of abandoning the club when it was clear it was relegation bound.

In the Thursday STAR, club general secretary Glenroy Flowers said that Walters could return if general manager Junior Dennis and Stewart were no longer part of the club.

However, Walters has denied the claims and says that he has not been involved in any meetings to reinstate him to the executive body. He added that he has no interest in returning to the club and wished them the best going forward.


"I'm not a part of Maverley anymore. I haven't seen or heard from Maverley people in a while, so when I took up the paper and see 'Walters eyeing Maverley return', it was shocking, and it is totally inaccurate," he told STAR Sports.

He has also insisted that he holds no ill will against anyone at the club and that Dennis and Stewart are assets.

"I have no ill will against anybody, whether Junior Dennis or Shanett Stewart. If they stay, it would be good for the club, but I'm not there anymore, but maybe they wanted me to come back," he mused.

Despite turning his back on the club, Walters spent two years with, one as president, Walters says that he still has the club and community at heart and wishes them the best for the future.

"I want the club to do well, but what needs to be done is to get the club up and running and try to prepare for the Super League, whether I am there or not," he said.

Calls to general secretary, Glenroy Flowers' phone went unanswered.

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