Tivoli to improve home field - Edwards

July 11, 2017
Shavar Campbell (right) of Tivoli Gardens and Henrico Ricketts of Portmore United lock horns in their Red Stripe Premier League quarter-final at the Edward Seaga Sports Complex on April 24.

Coach Omar Edwards said Tivoli Gardens would be focusing on improving the playing surface at their home venue, to properly develop players.

"We recognise that the surface needs to improve. President (Edward Seaga) says he would do his best to upgrade the field ahead of the new season," Edwards told STAR Sports yesterday.

Edwards, who will be in his second season as the club's head coach, said they are hoping to start pre-season preparations next Monday.

"We have made significant strides in meetings with the club's management. I told them what I need for the upcoming season, and the playing surface is among those things," Edwards said.




Tivoli were knocked out of the Premier League's quarter-final by Portmore United. Edwards said there won't be major changes to the squad. Tivoli won the Kingston and St Andrew Football Association Jackie Bell Knockout competition last season.

"When I look at the overall team, we have a nice bunch of young, dedicated players. Maybe we look at three players, another central midfielder, a prolific striker, and a left back," he explained.

"Our back line did well, and we have no problem in the goalkeeping department. We have a young team, but will continue to look to the Under-20 players," he added.

Edwards returned from an 11-week course in Hungary last month, sponsored by the Jamaica Olympic Association and Jamaica Football Federation.

"The plan is to improve the team. I hope the players will continue to trust my judgement and buy into my philosophy so we can improve their overall attitude," Edwards had told STAR Sports on his return from Europe.

"Once we can improve our players' attitude then eventually, the game will grow and we can improve their lives through football," he added.

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