Boys' Town seek funding for solar pump

August 02, 2017
Ricardo Makyn Multimedia Photo Editor From left Boys' Town players Damion Benjamin, Shamar Nicholson and other teammates in a Red Stripe Premier League encounter on March 26.

Boys' Town is looking to put in place a solar pump that will cost $5 million in order to replace the existing pump that was damaged a few years ago.

"We have two issues, getting and replacing the existing pump at Boys' Town. We owe $2 million on electricity," Boys' Town's executive director Trevor Spence told Star Sports.

"The well can generate water for domestic purpose, but we would have to get the license. We had made a monthly arrangement with the JPS (Jamaica Public Service Company) to pay off the outstanding bill but that stopped," he said.

"Putting back the pump we had before is short term and not sustainable," Spence noted.

"We have got the cost for putting in the solar pump, which is approximately $5 million. We are bringing in the group which includes private sector to see what they can contribute," he also said.

Boys' Town had plans to repair the damaged water pump, which had forced the club's premier league team to play away from Collie Smith Drive for the last two seasons.

With the field not fit for Premier League football, Boys' Town have made Barbican home for the last two seasons.

Boys' Town started preparation for the new Red Stripe Premier League season that is scheduled to start on September 3.

Coach Andrew Price said it is a good first week in training.

"It was a good first week. A lot of people are trying out for the team. We are looking at players who can fit into the team," Price who has been coaching Boys' Town for over a decade pointed out.

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