Disappointing - Sunshine Girls withdraw from Caribbean Championships

August 08, 2017
Sasher Gaye Henry

Interim coach netball coach Sasher-Gaye Henry said the Sunshine Girls are very disappointed that they will not be participating this year's senior Caribbean Netball Championships, which was scheduled for St Lucia from August 19-29.

The championships were postponed following the withdrawal of Barbados and Grenada.

Jamaica was notified of the postponement of the tournament on Friday, August 4, a day after the board of Netball Jamaica decided to withdraw the senior Sunshine Girls team from the tournament.

"We were preparing for this tournament and we really wanted some practice because we know that we are preparing for some major championships and we need to have some practice before these international tournament," said Henry.


Potential loss


Netball Jamaica said in press release that they took the decision to withdraw the team from the tournament because it would be little benefit to the country's netball programme and there would be the potential loss of ranking points for the Sunshine Girls currently ranked fourth in the world.

The released stated that the Board of Directors of Netball Jamaica, voted unanimously, last Thursday to withdraw Jamaica's entry.

"The decision was reached on the heels of a presentation from NJ's Coaching Committee which detailed an analysis of the possible outcomes to be derived from participation in the Caribbean Championships that were, for the first time, being classified as a ranking tournament."

"The tournament would involve teams that have not yet attained rating points and teams that currently hold less than 100 points. Consultations were also held with the players, coaching staff and Technical Committee of Netball Jamaica."

However, despite its withdrawal from the tournament, Netball Jamaica said it remains committed to participating in regional friendly encounters for the purpose of regional ranking, but reserves the right to determine when and against whom we compete for world ranking.

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