Not on same page - Allison-McCracken quit because of Henry

August 10, 2017
Sunshine Girls coach Jermaine Allison-McCracken
Sasher Gaye Henry



Former Sunshine Girls head coach Jermaine Allison-McCracken said her poor relationship with assistant coach Sasher-Gaye Henry resulted in her resigning from the post.

Allison-McCracken, who was appointed in April, resigned on July 31 after Netball Jamaica failed to agree to terms she had requested in order to remain on the job.

One of those terms included the removal of Henry from her position. However, Netball Jamaica voted unanimously to reject the proposed terms and accepted the resignation of the head coach.

Allison-McCracken told STAR Sports that Henry was uncooperative with her and they were not on the same page most times in training.

"We have had two or three meetings. Every meeting she has been asked to meet me, and she never met me," said Allison-McCracken.

"She got a full-time job and never had the time to meet me," she said. "I am coming all the way in from Mandeville. I could have met with her over and over but she didn't have the time," she said.

"Most of the times she would arrive half past or later (for training) with members of the squad in her car and so we didn't have the time to meet and discuss," Allison-McCracken pointed out.


Own coaching staff


When contacted, Henry said she would not comment on the issue.

Allison-McCracken also said she advised Netball Jamaica that she wanted the power to select her own coaching staff but that was rebuffed.

"I inherited players and I inherited the assistant coach. It would have been better to say, okay, we are focusing on 2018, 2019, and spend the rest of this year recruiting your own players, recruiting an assistant coach to work with and strength and conditioning coach and doctor," said Allison-McCracken.

"I am glad that I am out of it. I don't have the stress of driving to Kingston from Mandeville, three times a week as well, as looking after my elderly parents," she said.

Allison-McCracken faced public criticism after suspending three senior players - Shanice Beckford, Khadijah Williams and Nicole Dixon - ahead of Jamaica's three-Test series against Barbados earlier this year for what she described as "inappropriate behaviour." The series was drawn 1-1.

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